Why WordPress Is The Best CMS (2022-2023)

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS (2022-2023)

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS (2022-2023)

We already told in our previous article WordPress hold more than 45% of share market. It’s a big deal. If you are not on WP than ask a question yourself why you are not on WP.

Basically WordPress cms is use to create a blog but in last few year WP provide a lot of great features in his CMS. Which means you can also create a professional website on WP. You can also create a fully functional website.

Ant the big thing is it is open-source software, Means it is completely free, unlimited validity, and highly secures. In latest update WP resolve more than 400 bugs in WP 6.0 version.

There are several features of WordPress which make WP a great CMS and a great website builder. Here are some reasons why WordPress is a great CMS in 2022:

  • WordPress Have Built-in SEO Boosts
  • With the help of WordPress. It is very easy to customize a website or blog
  • It also have Built-in Mobile optimization that is very simple
  • Security of WordPress
  • Integrate with other software

1. Built-in SEO Boost In WordPress:

There’s a lot of traffic come from search engines, Like: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If your website is top at others than there are a lot of chances to get more traffic. You can get thousands of traffic daily. Owners of websites are highly competing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of their website. If you are new in this field you will you get a strong competition.

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS (2022-2023)

Google and other search engines have their own SEO algorithm to rank websites. And WordPress have a great SEO tool like: Yoast SEO, and All-in-One SEO. But WordPress can help everyone to rank their websites. It is also best for ON-Page SEO and OF-Page SEO.

Precise HTML markup: Use of HTML markup gives a great reason to search engine to understand layout, and content format of the website easily. Some latest WP theme gives great experience for user, as well as compelling crawlers from search engines to give high rank.

Efficiency of content creation: Great content is a great idea to make your website good in sight of search engines. With the help of blogging history the team of WP makes WP more and more user friendly, and gives great features to content creators, ranging from blogging.

SEO-Beneficial permalink: Permalink stands for Permanent links, which are best when they contain your keyword in the article. And WP is making it very easy.

Image optimization: Images are the very important for a website and WP knows it that why WordPress give his best to images. The built-in editor of WordPress allow user to optimize images using alt tags, captions, and descriptions.

2. Customization In WP:

There are millions of sites who were developed in WordPress. It’s not meaning all the website developers are experts who create their sites on WP. WordPress is a very easy CMS to understand that mean WordPress has very user-friendly Interface it’s easy to understand their functionalities and dashboard etc.

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS (2022-2023)

If you didn’t have knowledge of coding than you can easily create your website using WP. With the help of WordPress themes and plug-ins anyone can create a beautiful and high quality website.

It is easier to managing website when it’s complete. You can install any plug-in with the help of just a single click. In WordPress you can easily update everything with just one click.

In WordPress there are a lot of built-in themes and plug-ins:

Everyday pre-built themes of WordPress and designers and developers are increasing. And they all themes comes with new latest SEO-techniques and more user-friendly. With the help of these themes you can easily optimize SEO of your website.

With the choices of themes and plug-ins you can easily make your website or blog great. You can even find themes with just a keyword like: Blog, News, Business, and eCommerce, etc.

3. Mobile Optimization In WordPress:

Mobile optimization is very important for a website to rank and get good traffic. In this time of technology everyone tries to access information through his many types of devices like: Mobile, and computer. But still there are many websites who are not compatible with different types of screen ratios.

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS (2022-2023)

But in WordPress there is a lot of theme who are highly compatible with mobile and different types of screen ratios. In theme of WordPress you can easily customize your websites design, and image scaling, as well as you will get a responsive theme.

A responsive theme help a lot to user and search engine both to understand the features of websites. And anyone can easily access to your website without any glitch or problem. Responsive theme gives everyone great experience didn’t matter which device. And Google give high priority to mobile-friendly websites.

4. Security Of WordPress:

There are more than 70% of website are made with WordPress. And the team of WordPress knows the value of security.

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS (2022-2023)

But there are a lot of hackers who find vulnerability in everything including all types of CMS. But the team of WP regularly release their security updates to protect the entire website that based on WP.

You are safe if you regularly update your theme, plug-ins, and WP to latest update.

5. Integrate With Other Software’s:

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS (2022-2023)

If you’re creating a website you probably have goals. No matter what are the goals, you have to install other apps to achieve the goals like marketing and analytics tools. WordPress make it simple you will easily integrate through API keys and plug-ins. And the contacting your site to them is very simple.

Here is the some of our point to why WordPress is a great and best CMS for any type of website, Blog, etc. We hope you like it.

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