Who Is Petra Martínez Husband, Juan Margallo? A Look At Their Married Life

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Juan Margallo, Petra Martnez’s Husband, is a similarly important person in Spanish entertainment. Petra Martinez is a well-known figure in Spanish theater, cinema, and television. Petra made her cinematic debut in the 1977 Spanish drama Black Brood as a Bookseller. It was, however, not her first time acting. She appeared in various theater productions, including William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in 1967. Petra has received several awards and nominations for her work, including the Premio Jiennenses de Cultura, the Premio Luna de Islantilla, the ‘San Pancracio’ Honorary Award, and the Feroz Award.

Juan Margallo: Who Is He? Petra Martnez’s Husband and Family

In 1968, Petra Martínez married her future long-term personal and professional companion Juan Margallo. The two married in Gibraltar with no legal status in the eyes of Spanish authorities. Around 2018, the marriage was formally recognized. Her spouse, Juan Francisco Margallo Rivera, is a Spanish actor as well. He is also a writer and director.

Petra Martínez
Petra Martínez Husband

The 83-year-old Cáceres native is well-known for his theatrical works. He has also appeared in films such as Los flamencos (1966), El espritu de la colmena (1973), Chevrolet (1997), Al sur de Granada (2002), and others. Juan was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 2019 Goya Awards for his work in Campeones. Petra and Juan are not only husband and wife but also creative collaborators. In 2011, the couple launched Uroc Teatro, which earned the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts. Furthermore, they will be honored with the National Theater Award in 2022.

The couple has two children: Olga Margallo, a daughter, and Juan Margallo Martnez, a boy. They also have several grandkids. Olga, their oldest daughter, has taken after her parents. The actress and director is well known for her roles in Thesis (1996), Hospital Central (2000), and Castauela 70, el Teatro Prohibido (2006). Castanet 70 (2006) earned her and Manuel Calvo the Goya Award for Best Documentary Short Film.

Petra Martinez’s Net Worth in 2023

Petra Martinez has a net worth of $5 million, according to All Famous Birthday. However, an official source has yet to confirm the statistics. Petra has worked in the Spanish entertainment industry for almost six decades, in theater, cinema, and television. She is an actress and producer who has worked on films such as Black Litter (1977), Bad Education (2004), Heirs (2007), Sleep Tight (2011), That Was Life (2020), and Stories to Stay Awake (2022).

Petra has 71 Actress credits on her IMDb page. Similarly, she is working on several projects, including Alpha Males and Cerrar los Ojos. Petra and her husband Juan also published a book titled Chimpón! panfleto post mórtem (Chimpon! Post-mortem pamphlet). She has won several honors, prizes, and recognitions for her ongoing efforts and contributions. Petra was nominated for the Premio Luna de Islantilla for Libre Directo at the Festival Internacional de Cine Bajo la Luna Islantilla Cinefórum in 2012.

Petra Martínez

Similarly, in 2017, she was awarded the Premio Jiennenses de Cultura by Diario Jaén. She earned the ‘San Pancracio’ Honorary Award at the Festival Solidario de Cine Espaol de Cáceres in March of that year, with actresses Laia Marull, Roberto Lamo, Carlos Santos, and Ana Castillo. The award was also given to directors Koldo Serra, Salvador Calvo, and stage designer Marcelo Pacheco. Petra appeared as Mara in That Was Life in 2021, garnering her a Feroz Award for Best Actress. At the 36th Goya Awards, she was nominated for Best Actress.

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