Who Is Jordan Mendoza From “Kaleidoscope”? Wiki And Net Worth

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People are looking for actor Jordan Mendoza, who will portray RJ Acosta, Jr. in Ridley Scott’s upcoming Netflix series Kaleidoscope. Jordan Mendoza is an Asian-American comedian and TV writer. He is most known for his role as a co-host of the live comedy show Drunk Science.

Mendoza has been a writer for a long time. He created and hosted Cry Battle on Comedy Central, a game show in which the person with the most tears wins. He rapidly won many people’s hearts and amassed a sizable fan following. With his hard work and commitment, he will undoubtedly rise to prominence in the future.

Jordan Mendoza From Kaleidoscope: Who Is He? Age and Girlfriend

Mendoza was born in Boston, Massachusetts, while his exact birth date is unknown. He seems to be in his late twenties based on his appearance. Mendoza will portray RJ Acosta, Jr. in Ridley Scott’s Scott Free’s upcoming Netflix series Kaleidoscope, a crime drama. Jordan Mendoza’s age is unclear since no information about his birthday or age is available. According to some accounts, he is in his mid-20s, although this has yet to be confirmed. Mendoza is dating Ballard, who features in the majority of his films. On July 28, 2020, the author posted a video on his Instagram account called “Awesome Girlfriend Prank.”

Jordan Mendoza

According to the Mendoza post, the pair spent their incarceration together. Mendoza released a video of himself and Ballard playing with silverware on March 18, 2020. “Games we devised during quarantine,” he wrote beside the video. Similarly, he shared a video of them practicing the new skill while in quarantine. Despite Mendoza’s Instagram postings hinting that he is dating Ballard, the pair has not publicly announced their relationship.

Jordan Mendoza’s Net Worth in 2023

His salary, perks, wealth, and financial condition are all known to the public. We assessed his net worth to be between $1 and USD 1.5 million based on his current financial situation. He is financially successful. He will soon achieve two million dollars as a professional actor who has just recently begun performing. Jordan’s early career was centered on a television program. In the United States, he is well-known as an actor. He does a variety of jobs in addition to acting, which is his primary source of money.

He is well-known as a commercial model, television personality, actor, and internet star. Mendoza may have earned money in other ways. Jordan Mendoza has most likely capitalized on opportunities to benefit from endorsement agreements, product sales, and tours. He has been in the film business for almost eight years and has already found success. Among his most well-known works (2022) are ZIWE (2021), Kaleidoscope (2023), and Human Resources.

Who Is Jordan Mendoza in Netflix’s New Series “Kaleidoscope”?

Jordan Mendoza will play RJ Acosta, Jr. in the forthcoming Netflix series Kaleidoscope, a criminal heist thriller from Ridley Scott’s Scott Free. The story is inspired in part by a genuine incident in which $70 billion in bonds disappeared in midtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy. Automatik Entertainment’s Russell Fine, Fred Berger, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, and Justin Lecy will serve as executive producers.

Jordan Mendoza

His early career was built on a television series. In America, he is well-known as an actor. He has various occupations in addition to acting, which is his major line of activity. Jordan gained his first on-screen credit in the 2015 TV series “Dumb Video.” He rose to prominence in 2020 as a result of the television show “Your Worst Fears Confirmed” (TV Series). In 2022, the Actor was named a New Face of Comedy (Creators) at JFL and was named a “Best Up-and-Coming Comedian” by Time Out and New York magazine.

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