Who Is Big Meech’s Wife? Several Women Claimed They Married the Notorious Drug Lord

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Who Is Big Meech’s Wife? Several Women Claimed They Married the Notorious Drug Lord

Many people have questioned Big Meech’s marital status as one of the most well-known drug dealers in the country. It is not improbable to wonder if Big Meech’s wife also exists because he has a son. Demetrius Flenory, also known as Big Meech, co-founded the Black Mafia Family( MBF) with his brother Terry. In Detroit, he founded a drug trafficking and money laundering company that grew to become the main US illegal drug distribution company. Big Meech and his brother were given a 30-year prison term in 2007 after admitting guilt to operating an illegal business.

Big Meech is currently incarcerated. His street appeal hasn’t really decreased, though. In fact, the former drug pusher will realize upon his release that 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg’s works have helped him gain a little more notoriety. Additionally, he will encounter women who profess to be his wife, possibly putting an end to the mystery surrounding his spouse.

Does Big Meech’s Wife Exist?

No, there isn’t a wife for big meech wife. The defeated drug baron is said to have never been married, according to public records. But in recent years, some women have alleged to have had an affair with Big Meech. Despite the fact that there is no proof, a few of these women identified as Big Meech’s wives. Many online users have questioned whether he was even involved with these women, and in these cases, it is necessary to respond.

His Self-Proclaimed First Lady

Tonesa Welch is one of the women who allegedly had romantic significance for Big Meech. After the premiere of the reality TV series “BMF Wives,” she made the claim to be Big Meech’s first lady. The show followed the alleged BMF brothers’ wives’ lives. Welch was identified as Big Meech’s brother, and Lisa Buford as his wife. It sparked rumors that she might actually be his wife. The rumors were dispelled by BMF Entertainment CEO Tammy Cowins, who asserted that Big Meech never got married. The statement dispelled rumors that Big Meech and Welch were wed, but it left out the details of his pregnancy. Who is his wife or mother if Welch isn’t?

Big Meech’s Baby Mama

While Big Meech never walked down the aisle with any woman, he has a baby mama and a son etching out a living as an actor. Big Meech’s baby mama is Latarra Eutsey. Not much is known about her since she keeps her life private. However, a Twitter account with the same name as hers tagged her as a real estate agent in Florida. Eutsey allegedly works for an agency with commercial and residential properties. However, it should be noted that the account has been inactive since 2019. It remains unknown if Eutsey is the only woman Big Meech ever had a child with. Their son is named Demetrius Flenory Jr., aka Lil Meech, Eutsey gave birth to him in 2000. He made a name for himself by playing his father in 50 Cent’s BMF project. He has also expressed interest in moving forward as an actor.

When Will Big Meech Be Released?

Big Meech is expected to be released in 2028 as he was awarded a three-year reduction on his 30-year jail term. He has been deeply committed to rehabilitation during his time behind bars.  According to reports, Big Meech has not been convicted of any crime of violence. He also does not have a violent criminal record. He has served more than half of his imprisonment, but how his time in prison will affect him remains to be seen. Will he wash his hands clean of drugs as some celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. did after serving jail time? Or will it be back to square one? Only time will tell.

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