Who Are Sindoval And Ivete Nunes? Meet Amanda Nunes Parents

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Amanda Nunes’ parents and siblings have been her staunchest supporters. Learn more about the UFC official’s childhood in the video below. Amanda Nunes is a Brazilian-born female professional fighter. The Bahia native fights in the UFC. She currently holds the UFC Women’s Featherweight Championship.

As of March 2023, the two-time UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion was rated first in the UFC women’s pound-for-pound rankings. The Brazilian MMA fighter is regarded as one of the best female MMA fighters in the world. Because of her remarkable professional achievement, many of her followers are curious about her parents, childhood, and family. Let’s go over all of the available information regarding the excellent martial artist’s parents and childhood.

Who are Sindoval and Ivete Nunes? Amanda Nunes’ Ethnicity And Parents

Amanda Nunes’ parents are Ivete and Sindoval Nunes, two successful professional fighters. Amanda was born on May 30, 1988, making her 35 years old in 2023. The MMA fighter grew up in Pojuca, a tiny hamlet outside of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, with her two sisters, Valdirene and Vanessa Nunes. Unfortunately, her mother and father divorced when she was four years old. As a result, Amanda was raised solely by her mother, along with her two sisters. Ivete managed to pay for Amanda and her sisters despite being a single father by selling chocolates, hotdogs, and cosmetic supplies. Her mother, according to the MMA fighter, was a kind but stern mom.

Amanda Nunes

Amanda also wanted to be a professional soccer player at one point. After playing for the Pojuca and Salvador teams in primary school, the UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion joined the Vitoria Football Club. Her mother, on the other hand, had a different opinion and recommended her to focus on her schooling. Amanda Nunes’ mother was a boxing enthusiast. Her uncle also participated in Vale Tudo.

When Nunes was five years old, she went to training with her mother. She later took up capoeira and, at the age of seven, started karate instruction. Amanda also started practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu at the age of 16. By the age of 17, she had moved to Salvador to study judo and mixed martial arts at the Edson Carvalho Academy.

Meet Amanda Nunes Sisters: Valdirene and Vanessa Nunes

Amanda Nunes has two sisters, Valdirene and Vanessa, as previously stated. Vanessa, her sister, was already living in Salvador and trained in jiu-jitsu when she arrived there. According to reports, the two-time UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion’s sister is instrumental in introducing Nunes to the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The Nunes sisters have a tight friendship and strongly support one another’s endeavors. Amanda’s Valdirene said in an interview that they had been there for them from the beginning. Valdirene said that their mother sent Amanda to train when she was young. She eventually learned boxing and jiu-jitsu. Valdirene mentioned that she and her mother had faith in Amanda.

Amanda Nunes

They believed she had a promising future in the realm of professional combat. “It is her fate. “I never doubted she’d become champion,” Nunes’ sister stated. Amanda did not disappoint her mother or sister either. She put in the effort and is now regarded as one of the finest female MMA fighters of all time. Nunes’ mother and siblings must be very proud of her. Let’s hope Amanda Nunes continues to excel and makes her parents and siblings pleased in the future days. We wish her further success in the coming days.

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