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  • Offshore accounting monitors a company’s financial activities and accounts when headquartered in another country. Recording expenditures and income, filing taxes, and creating financial reports are all possible examples.

The many benefits of offshore accounting include lower taxes in, more confidentiality, and less regulation. Let’s examine offshore accounting, and we will also tell you the top 20 offshore accounting firms in India.

What is Offshore Accounting?

Offshore accountin is called when financial and accounting services are delegated to a company or business processhttp outsourcing (BPO) firm in a low-cost nation.

A firm’s activities cannot be conducted without accounting. Access to correct data is essential for businesses to manage their finances and meet their legal duties. While most businesses manage this independently, some hire an international workforce from nations like India, where the cost is low.

Top 20 Offshore Accounting Firms in India

We Have prepared a list of India’s top 20 offshore accounting firms. Do read!

Nexia Australia

At Nexia Australia, they feel joy in offering a full-service accounting solution that goes above and beyond the norm. They offer services in accounting, taxation, auditing, business consulting, corporate consulting, and commercial Get a close-knit level of service when you pick Nexia Australia. Their senior partners and knowledgeable specialized team are committed to getting to know your company and providing customized solutions.


Deloitte are adamant that their genuine worth is defined by the aggregate effect of their work. The breadth, diversity, and length of our history are impressive, but they diminish in comparison with the most important measure of Deloitte: the transformational impact they have on society.


Protiviti, a top global consulting firm, is committed to offering leaders the in-depth knowledge, unbiased insights, and customized strategy they need to face the future with unwavering confidence. Through unmatched cooperation, they provide their customers with outstanding value by providing consultancy and managed solutions across a variety of sectors.


Entigrity assists CPAs, tax experts, and executive assistants in hiring offshore workers and reducing labor expenditures by 75%. You can hire an accountant, bookkeeper, tax preparer, etc. starting as $9 per hour flat with no compliance, payroll tax, or benefits thanks to our flexible and transparent hiring approach. You may use Entigrity to find employees for temporary, ongoing, full-time, part-time, or seasonal employment requirements. 


Since 2000, Invensis, a recognized supplier of BPO solutions, has focused on back-office services. In order to provide individualized service, they analyse each company. This is part of their client-centric strategy. They provide comprehensive back-office solutions so that businesses may focus their efforts on their key business expertise.

TopSource Worldwide

At Top Source Worldwide, they are aware that happy workers are the key to a successful company. As experts in employer of record services, they also provide a broad range of payroll, accounting, and HR-related services, all of which are adapted to the specific requirements of enterprises in various industries.

Their whole range of services includes, among others, tax computations, investment management, attendance monitoring, PEO/EOR services, and maintenance of HR data. 

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton adheres to the philosophy that every outcome should be built on trust and made more personal. They are collaborators that appreciate solid connections and are prepared for everything. They are quality-obsessed and adaptable. They question what companies expect. They can assist you in doing the same.

They provide services like Accounting, Business Consulting, Market Research, HR Outsourcing, Software Development, IT Services.


Known as a market leader in application development, Datamatics Digital Ltd., a division of Datamatics Global Services Ltd., offers cutting-edge software services with a specialization in web & mobile product engineering, application development, and maintenance services. They provide services like IoT Software, Development IT Services, Big Data Analytics, Accounting, Market Research.


For each association they support, they find and choose the most eligible individuals the market has to offer, from small-town entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. They create strong relationships and guide our businesses to ensure success by having an away from of your important helpers and wishes for every arrangement. 

They provide services like HR Outsourcing, Accounting, BPOBusiness, Consulting, IT Services.


IBT helps over 1000+ business clients exceed the competition by providing digital transformation and end-to-end outsourcing services from conception to execution. IBT, which was “born digital,” develops specialized solutions for every stage of the digital value chain in an agile, collaborative manner. Their services include BPO, Accounting, Cybersecurity, IT Services.


TransPerfect, which was founded in 1992, has expanded from a small two-person business to become the leading supplier of translation services and related technology worldwide.

TransPerfect has made a name for itself as a reliable partner for multinational corporations looking to overcome language obstacles and succeed in the global market. TransPerfect’s aim is to provide world-class translation services to top enterprises globally.


With more than 300,000 employees, EY’s purpose serves as its ‘North Star’ in a world that is changing quickly. EY offers advice to governments during financial crises, works with digital pioneers to fight data piracy, uses data analytics to find novel medical treatments, and performs excellent audits to promote trust in financial markets and companies. EY works in partnership with businesses, governments, and individuals to solve important problems.


KPMG is a network of professional companies offering audit, tax, and advisory services on a global scale. Our multidisciplinary approach and in-depth, practical understanding of the sector help customers address problems and seize opportunities.

One of the top professional services companies in the world, KPMG is also one of the Big Four accounting firms with the quickest rate of growth in the US. 


For clients looking for Audit, Tax, and Advisory services, BDO is a dependable advisor. They have members of all kinds and sorts, from huge corporate organizations to private enterprises, entrepreneurs, and individuals across a variety of industrial sectors, making us one of the top audit and accounting organizations in the world. 

PKF International Portfolio

PKF is an international family of legally autonomous professional services companies united by a dedication to excellence, ethics, and the establishment of clarity in a complicated regulatory environment.

They have offices in 440 cities, operate in 150 countries on 5 continents, and are experts in giving local and foreign organizations in all of our markets access to high-quality audit, accounting, tax, and business advising services.

Baker Tilly

The Baker Tilly Canada Cooperative is one of the biggest organizations of chartered professional accounting companies in the country, with member businesses located all throughout the country. They have a long history of providing value-added audit, tax, and consulting solutions as an all-Canadian network because of the breadth and depth of our internal expertise, their specialized services, and their dedication to customer satisfaction. 

Key Carrier Management Service PVT, LTD

Key Carrier Management Service offers Numerous services to help your company expand and scale to its full potential. They provide your company with outsourcing solutions, including but not limited to voice and non-voice processes, BPO, KPO, accounting service, remote staffing, digital marketing, and more, to give the best experience possible.

BBC Global Services 

A provider of outsourcing services, BBC Global Services supports and helps businesses expand by offering marketing, development, and IT support and services. We are experts in immediately extending our areas of knowledge, increasing thier resources, and removing administrative and financial hassles so that companies may concentrate on their core competencies.


Dedicated tax, accounting, and finance professionals comprise the Jordensky team. Jordensky is a team of accountants powered by AI for your startup or expanding company. Jordensky is the premier financial partner your business can rely on for bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, and CFO services.


Crowe LLP is An international accounting company providing audit, tax, advising, and consulting services. With extensive industry knowledge, we enable organizations to make wise decisions that provide long-term value. 


In conclusion, India has seen a significant increase in the outsourcing and offshore sector over the past couple of decades, and this growth is predicted to continue in the years to come. The nation has been a center for IT and business process outsourcing thanks to its highly qualified workforce, hospitable business climate, and affordable cost structure.

We hope you will appreciate this article. We have presented a list of India’s top 20 offshore accounting companies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: What are the Big 4 accounting firms in India?

Ans 1: The big four companies in India are Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Cognizant, and Wipro.

Q.2: What is an offshore accounting firm?

Ans 2: It encompasses various accounting services for businesses performed overseas by an outsourced provider or offshore accounting firm. Everything from simple bookkeeping to management accounts to tax accounting and even CFO consulting can be included in the services.

Q.3: What is the difference between offshoring and outsourcing accounting?

Ans 3: Although the phrases outsourcing and offshore are sometimes used interchangeably, they have different meanings. Transferring organizational tasks to a third party is called outsourcing or offshore, depending on where that third party is situated.

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